Blackberry Z10 Review

So after many months of hype finally it is here.  And we are here with the Blackberry Z10 Review.  It is a full touchscreen phone that has been made cleary with iPhone/S3/OneX in mind, thus it resembles the look and feel of a typical touch phone. This means the keyboard that every BB user loves is gone, this is not a phone in the typical BB mould! Now whether this is good news or not, well you can decide yourself!

Blackberry Z10  [Image Source:  TechRadar]

Blackberry Z10 [Image Source: TechRadar]

It is too early to write a detailed review as we haven’t had the chance to fully explore the phone but given below are some initial findings.  This blog will be updated regularly with the passage of time.

Key Specs

Operating system Blackberry OS 10
Processor Dual Core 1.5GHz Krait
Display 4.2-inch Capacitive Touch Screen; 768×1280 pixels, 355 ppi
Memory 16GB
Expandable Memory Upto 32GB Card
Battery 1800 mAH Removable
Colors Black and White
Weight 137.5 grams
Thickness 0.35 inches

Quick Comparison

Lets do a quick comparison with its key competitors i.e. iPhone 5, S3 and HTC OneX.  We will do a detailed comparison in the days to come.

Processor:  It is slower than the iPhone 5, S3 and OneX.  In the age of Quad Cores, a dual core seems out of place but then again there aren’t many apps available yet to fully utilize 4 cores.  That being said, it does mean that if you purchase the Z10 it would be outdated quite soon!

Memory:  Again it is lower than the options given by S3 and iPhone 5.  It is on par with the OneX but unlike both iPhone and OneX it offers expandable memory.

RAM:  In this area it is ahead of both iPhone 5 and the One X which both have only 1GB of RAM.  The Z10 and S3 both have 2GB which means faster speed when running multiple apps.

Screen:  A 4.2″ screen may suite many people who aren’t fond of the now giagantic 5″ screens being offered by HTC and Samsung.  This is purely a matter of choice, some prefer the larger screens, others dont.  The quality of the screen is quite good, its ppi being better than both OneX and S3.

Ports:  We personally prefer the standard microUSB port found on all phones (except iPhones) and the Z10 has the same port which means compatibility with many existing accessories.  This is definetly a plus!

Removable battery and Expandable Memory!  [Image Source: TechRadar]

Removable battery and Expandable Memory! [Image Source: TechRadar]

Blackberry Z10 Review – Summary

In a nutshell the Z10 is a decent phone but nothing impressive.  It has a good feel to it, especially the metallic buttons.  Web browing is quite fast and the vast options of messaging are a definite plus.  Add to this the ability to change the battery and add expandable memory, these are little wins for the Z10.

However are is too much to dislike.  The BB 10 OS is not the hit everyone was expecting.  It is not user-friendly and will definetly confuse the average BB user during their initial use.  We personally weren’t very impressed with the hardware chosen by BB as it does not compete very well with the existing offerings by competitors.

Overall, it is nothing special.  And with a price that is almost equal to the S3, OneX+, Lumia 920 and Xperia Z, we cannot give you any compelling reasons to purchase the Z10 unless you are a die hard BB fan!  The entire RIM group is depending on this phone, but we aren’t sure whether it will live up to their expectations.

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