Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8

It would not be entirely wrong to say that Samsung is pinning ALL its hopes on the Galaxy S8.  After the terrible failure of the Note 7, Samsung has been struggling to regain its position in the market.  Revenues are down and sales have dropped.  And between the Note 7 and Galaxy S8,  several high end Android phones have been launched.  Phones such as the Google Pixel, LG G6, Huawei Mate 9 to name a few.  For Samsung, the S8 simply has to succeed!

However, we at IceThreads are a little skeptical as to whether the Galaxy S8 will be the phenomenal success that Samsung is expecting it to be.   We are listing some “features” we feel may cause issues for some users!

Galaxy S8 – Potential Issues

Home Button – Traditional Samsung users will not be happy with the omission of the front home button.  This has long been a feature of Samsung phones and has set it apart in the Android landscape, where competition i.e. Huawei, Sony, Lenovo etc. do not use a front home button.

Fingerprint Sensor – Placement of the Fingerprint Sensor is already a major talking point.  The Galaxy S8 has the fingerprint sensor on the back.  While that is not entirely unheard of, the positioning i.e. to the right of the camera “off-center” will be a great nuisance as many a time you will accidentally smudge your camera lense in trying to unlock your phone

S8 Front and Back
The New Samsung Galaxy S8

Dimensions – The dimensions of the Galaxy S8 are “strange” to say the least.  The phone seems disproportionate, i.e. it appears as if it has been stretched a little too long.  This results in a strange aspect ratio of 18:5:9 which is not standard

Battery – There are already rumours that the Galaxy S8 has been delayed due to battery problems.  That is one area that Samsung have spent a ton of money trying to fix, but it seems it has resurfaced!  Not only that, but the battery of the Galaxy S8 is only 3000mAH.  With such a high res-screen, this will definitely be an issue for some users!

Camera – Using the exact same camera as the S7 Edge isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although many users would have expected a upgraded camera in the new Galaxy S8

For a more detailed review, please visit Techradar.  For detailed specifications, please visit  Please leave your comments/queries below, and we will respond asap.  


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